Rollie Hammersted

 It is with sadness that I announce the passing of Rollie Hammerstedt.  I worked under Rollie at the Redditt hangar for Ontario Central Airlines.  When it came to writing the book about Barney Lamm and his fleet of Norseman, Rollie was the driving force behind the second half of the book.  A lot of knowledge disappeared with that man.  I count it a privilege to have recorded a small part of it in my book.



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Ontario Central Airlines

                                                          The Kenora Years

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Available now, this non-fiction book is a 'must have' for your bush pilot collection.

Re-live the airlines' history as revealed through hundreds of hours of interviews with pilots, mechanics, former managers and dispatchers who kept the airplanes flying.

Twenty-four pages of glossy pictures portray everyday operations.  For a glossy picture sample, CLICK HERE.

Owned and operated by Barney Lamm, who with his wife Marion also ran Barney's Ball Lake Lodge on the English River north of Kenora, this airline flew throughout Northwestern Ontario.

Ontario Central Airlines - The Kenora Years traces the company's history starting when Rex Kiteley and Gordy Hollinsworth purchased two planes and the bases at Red Lake and Kenora from Grant McConachie. For over two decades it serviced miners, commercial fishermen, Native communities and fly-in fishing lodges in Northwestern Ontario.  

"I am indebted to Ed for not only capturing the memories of those who worked for Ontario Central Airlines, but also the creative writing used to record and preserve this era of aviation for future generations."

Don Watson-  Founding director and member of

                          Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame


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Altar and Throne

                                                                        Winner of 2009 IPPY Award

      Abe Williston-

              The bush pilot

Jack Redsky & Ted Corrigan-

              Childhood friends

    Diana Corrigan & Jenny Redsky-

              Mothers spanning two cultures                             read more...

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                               Ojibway family on Lake of the Woods  -1927



     Also from the pen of Ed Zaruk



     The first of Ed's thrillers 

about the Falklands conflict.

Mrs. Thatcher's instructions were concise and clear-

"Devote whatever resources are necessary to find this document."


Follow John Wingate and Vanessa Grieves as they are pursued from the streets of Buenos Aires to the abandoned whaling stations of South Georgia Island byArgentine Special Forces guarding the juntas interests.   

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 The second of Ed's thrillers 

about the Falklands conflict.



During the Falklands Conflict anArgentine Hercules delivered two Exocet missiles to Port Stanley.  Fired successfully, one struck HMS Glamorgan, putting her out of action. The second disappeared. 


When Ross Sterling, captain of the deep-sea tug Southern Tide saves an Argentinian freighter from certain disaster on the rocks of Jason West Cay, little is he aware of the events this will set in motion.  Arriving in Buenos Aires, Ross accepts a contract with the Compañía Ballenera Argentina to tow a salvage barge to the derelict whaling station at Leith Harbour on South Georgia Island.  Days later the Falkland Islands are invaded.

Chartered by the Argentine Navy, Southern Tide is working Stanley harbour when two Exocet missile canisters appear in town.  Fired from shore, one damages a British warship, while the other disappears into the Scotia Sea on the rear deck of an Argentine oil supply ship captained under duress by Martín Sanchez.  

In a desperate bid to avoid a maritime disaster that could cost Britian the war, Ross sails for South Georgia.  Only Southern Tide and her civilian crew stand between the Exocet missile and its intended target, the cruise liner Canberra. 


From the drama of high seas rescues to the city of Buenos Aires, Falklands Target carries the reader through turbulent times and some of the most storm ravaged oceans in the southern hemisphere.  

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