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The Noorduyn Norseman Volume 1
First flown in 1935 and still in service today, the legendary made-in-Canada Norseman is one of the world’s greatest bush planes. Larry and Hugh have done superb job of documenting its early history.
The Noorduyn Norseman Volume 2
Here is Larry Milberry's second book about the Noorduyn Norseman. From post war to the present, it features the Norseman, bush operators, and the men of vision who used this rugged airplane to open up Canada's north.
Lady on a Pedestal
The story of two Ladys. One, Dawn Bartsch, driven by a passion for flying, and the other CF-CPY, sharing that passion in the skies of Canada's North.
Fire Bomber Into Hell
This is the history of the Fire Bomber from its earliest beginnings in California in 1955 the the modern day. Ride with Linc as he flies the turbulent early days and walls of fire where death is only a few seconds away.
Diamonds in the Sky - A social history of air travel
This is a highly readable and entertaining account of how mass travel by air was created to serve an emerging airline industry.
Grumman Mallard - The Enduring Classic
The Grumman Mallard’s comfort and flexibility in the post war era was an attractive draw for corporate executives. It pioneered the early days of business aviation, flying to meetings in distant cities or clients to a wilderness lake for fishing. The aircraft lives on as one of aviation’s enduring classics
Final Approach
Investigator Joe Wallingford goes behind doors usually closed to the flying public, and seeks to discover what the wreckage of Flight 255 is telling him and what certain people are trying to hide.
Of Whales and Men
An exciting first-hand account of a modern (1951) Antarctic whaling expedition and the unusual men who followed one of the worlds most controversial occupations.
Bush Flying Captured
This is a beautiful picture book that should adorn every aviation lover's coffee table.
Journey Log
A beautifully illustrated aviation book to add to your collection
Fate Is The Hunter
Perhaps the greatest aviation book of all time-
Double Cross
The story of Canadian Airways Limited and its struggle to survive Canada’s early years of aviation.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Those of us who decide to spread our wings and venture into the unknown will relate to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. His adventure in flying higher had to be a dream coveted by Canada's aviation pioneers.
The Mighty Martin Mars
This 8.5 by 11 inch book id full of pictures. Starting with the prototype XPB2M-1 and evolving into JRM-3 the history of these flying boats is detailed along with a vast array of original US Navy and Coulson photos. Their history in British Columbia and final acquisition by Coulson Aircraft Ltd. is portrayed in all the color and splendor surrounding these giants.
Austin Airways - Canada's Oldest Airline
A comprehensive history of Austin Airways from 1934 to 1974. An abundance of pictures make this a book worth owning.
Antarctic Oasis
South Georgia Island - a forgotten remnant of the British Empire, this forbidding island preserves a way of life that has all but disappeared in our modern world. Touched only briefly by the Falklands Conflict, its history of the dark period of whaling is available for all generations to reflect on. Nature has a way of healing the ills of man and the island is now home to millions of birds and seals. It is hoped the whales will return in time. This book illustrates one of the earth’s most precious natural wonders.
SOVIET SST The Techno-politics of the TU-144
Russia’s answer to the Concorde. The TU-144, although never a serious competitor to the Concorde, did have an impact on the world of aviation.
Pioneer Bush Pilot: The Story of Noel Wien
Unlike Canadian aviation giants Grant McConachie or Russ Baker, Noel Wien never aspired to build an airline. Yet he stands tall among those who did and became an Alaskan legend. This is his story.
Curtiss C-49 Commandos, DC-3's, -4's, and -6's, Lockheed Constellations, and a collection of other old birds, make up this over-sized picture book.
Company of Adventurers
Peter Newman’s chronicle of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Adventurers who ultimately determined the destiny of Canada.
Coast Dogs Don't Lie
Tales from the North Coast Sked
Great Northern Bushplanes
Tales and facts about the bushplanes that opened up Canada's wilderness
One Native Life
Ojibway writer, Richard Wagamese has penned glimpses into a way of life few of us will ever experience. Yet each account leaves us richer, and more appreciative of what we have.
Wide Body
The Triumph of the 747. History and personality of the men who conquered the sweep wing and built a family of airliners around it.
My life in the North
A history of Lambair as seen through Jack's eyes
The Iron Tiger
On what he thought would be his last flight, Jack Drummond found his own recipe for disaster, a deadly cargo of contraband weapons. A band of ruthless guerrillas, and a confrontation with the Chinese Reds leaving no chance for escape...
The Noorduyn Norseman Volume 1
by Larry Milberry/Hugh Halliday
ISBN: 978-0-921022-42-8
Published by: CANAV Books

 From its early beginning as a project in the mind of Robert Norseman and into production, the early chapters chronicle the work to get this airplane into the air.  Introduced during the Great Depression, it was a struggle to develop sales, then along came World War II.  

The authors give the first in-depth coverage of the everyday work done by Norseman in the RCAF across Canada, then with the US Army from Alaska to the UK and South Pacific.

After the war hundreds of surplus Norseman are cheaply available.  The Norseman Mk V is introduced, then the Beaver appears, changing the market.

This book has been created using CANAV’s tried and true recipe- the research is solid and the story well told.  The airplane is this books feature, but the people involved get full recognition.

I bought my copy from the first press run and it is now sitting on my coffee table.  I pick it up to browse through now and again.  It takes me back to the years when aviation in Canada was in the hands of men of vision.

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